Sunday, 13 August 2017


Well now?

It seems that some claims that a civil war has either started or already started. In America.

I had heard of the terrible events in Charlottesville in America where extremists from both ends of the political spectrum fought each other and someone ploughed into one side of this spectrum in a car and someone died.

I did not see any videos of any of this and nor did I go looking for them. I did see the odd clip in someone else's report on the events.

Civil war? It certainly has felt like it has been heading for this extreme and has done for a number of years.

Still not sure it is even imminent hough to be fair I could not really cast judgement for America as I have never even visited, mores the pity.

I was watching Sargon of Akkad's latest .. weekly video called 'This Week in Stupid' and I do not always get to watch these but I did this last one.

The part that got me was at some event in America, I was not paying much attention, there was someone kind of doing a speech? What caught my attention was when I thought I heard them say that they had to stand up and tell any white people trying to speak to shut up. Or words to that effect. Just when you think you cannot hear anything stated that was even more stupid than the last one .. someone .. somewhere .. always manages to go and surprise you.

So now white people, well they really mean men, are not allowed to have a say?!

Right .. let me get this straight .. at a point where white men have been pushed and forced into a darkk corner to the point that they are on the verge of behaving like the animals you are forcing them too .. you go and turn the thumbscrews even tighter?

Fucking hell .. the western world is run by fucking idiots and who in the hell lets morons like his woman speak?!

It gets better .. as when I looked at the video clip where this person seems to have appointed herself as the one to go around telling white men to shut up before they have even opened there mouths .. is fucking white themselves?!

I .. I .. I just do not fucking believe the crap that is going on in the world?!

I would … NEVER .. EVER .. dare say anything even half that fucking ridiculous in any place where even a single person might hear me. Especially not on a podium or soap box where you have an audience of dozens or hundreds or even thousands.

How do they get to say this shit and get away with it and worse still get a fucking applause?!

Jesus Christ .. I think the average I.Q. Has been heading south for a fair amount of time now.

I also find it fucking funny that they do not mind using all the stuff, technology, cars and energy that the white men have created over the years? Funny that. Such fucking hypocrites as well as being liars, inciting violence and .. did I mention fucking stupid?

Hmm yes I said 'inciting'. The funny thing is as I heard several people talk about what had happened in Charlottesville I remember thinking that as these stupid morons have become louder of late, more on that being really fucking bad in a minute, the far right have also become louder. Or .. the correct term to be used in that last sentence should be 'appeared'.

Now for the 'why'. Because when you get loud about something politically you will get others that do not like this. The more extreme it gets in one direction the more you will get people pop up or lean in the opposite direction and of equal extreme.

Do none of these fucking idiots know a damn thing about psychology? As well as not realising you cannot make people feel as you do they also fail to realise they are the one creating more of these people in the first instance!

My fucking God, the history books of the future are not going to be kind to any of you lot and next to the meaning of moron in dictionaries they might just feature your faces.

If something is wrong you cannot make it right no matter how loud you are or how many people you get to agree with you. It wont make it RIGHT! Jesus!!

Now here is for the really nasty part of all this where these leftist idiots are concerned..

Do you not think it is odd that since the western world has fallen on hard times that suddenly there is the uprising of morons that have been getting ever more proactive and ever more noisier? Now to me and each time I have thought this it comes across as 'opportunism'.

Unfortunately history will prove that this was the worst possible move in the world because the large majority of people are both unhappy and scared and this number is growing all the time. So when people already unhappy and/or scared hear this stupid bullshit being uttered by what appear to be large groups shouting out loud that they want to pound them into the ground even harder?

Yeah, you have got a civil war on your hands and I could not blame the far right for this, despite not agreeing with their views, and it was you, the hard left, that brought it about. Remember that.

In fact let us go back to Charlottesville for a moment ..

So some far right, well I am assuming they were far right, collected together to protest about the plans of a statue of General Lee of the Confederacy being taken down.

Yeah .. hmm .. first time I am hearing about this and someone is dead. Does that tell you fucking morons anything? Probably not, what with your tunnel vision and all?

A statue that has been there a long time. Start taking down statues of people that had wrong ideas or immoral acts and there may not be many statues left in the western world.

Wait a minute? Is there not another group that goes around doing that? Oh yeah .. another set of radicals only these are Muslims. Makes me wonder if these white people that only seem to hate other white people secretly cheered whenever innocent people .. sorry innocent WHITE people were murdered by these radical Muslims?

These anti-white .. umm whites should be forced to get psychiatric evaluations because … well to be honest and I would put a lot of money on this .. not all the cylinders are firing if you know what I mean?

Fortunately I am not the only one that has realised these things .. well some of them and I was relieved to see Sargon state very clearly that these far left morons are actually creating the far right morons. Well I am saying morons but .. I might be wrong. Maybe just one moron in a car? But then these far left are so fucking stupid it would not surprise me to find out that it was a extreme leftist that drove the car and into the wrong group of people. Yeah .. that is how low my opinion is of their intellect and .. yeah knowing big words and using or creating buzzwords does not make you neither intelligent nor wise. Sorry. It just means you have a good memory is all. Having a good memory often does not equate to intelligence or wisdom. Sorry about that.

Also and I suspect this may be the case but ..

If you have had some .. really bad past experiences that you think give you the right to say or demand things a certain way .. yeah well sorry once again they do not. You could have the worst back story in the world, ooh I have one of those too, but the only thing it is proving you with is bad judgement.

If someone did something to you or a loved one that was a white person it does not mean that they are then all the same.

Cannibals were black people .. but not all black people are cannibals for God sake.

Oh and as for the trouble in Charlottesville?

Yes so we have nailed down why these far right groups were there and to protest about the taking down of this statue. Except ..

Well these regressive far left were there too. Umm .. why were you there? Were you there to protest about the stature being taken down too? Ooh how did you end up fighting? Someone spill you beer or your can of Tab?

No of course they were not .. they were there because the far right groups were there so there is no other reason that to incite violence. Mistake numero uno.

Mistake numero duo .. the far left apparently started the whole thing because they were throwing bottles or bottles manufactured into bombs at others.

Well done, far left, well done. You managed to get one of your own murdered.

No-no-no. Because someone else's fear of your crazy fucking ideologies went and got in a car and murdered someone does not make all your wrongs .. well, right. You were not right.

You were not there to protest about the statue being taken down and therefore only there because the far right groups were there and you simply cannot be that fucking stupid and naïve not to realise that you were NOT going to get them to change their minds so you were their for violence.

When you incite violence people inevitably get hurt and if that snowballs into a small war because your using bombs .. well someone else will end up fashioning a weapon that in this instance just so happened to be a car.

What can you take from this? Well I will tell you ..

The far left came prepared and with the necessary tools to create and use weapons and I know of at least bottles fashioned into some kind of bomb was being used.

In a fit of extreme fear and anger the far right, or at least one of them, did not come prepared in the case of the other side already being prepared with their own weapons or bombs so they made their own one. Either their car or someone else's.

If a bunch of people were throwing petrol bombs at me I would run them over in my car and I say that with absolute certainty. Yeah .. you can think what you like but ..

Check enough of my posts going back years and you will note that I HAVE BEEN in that situation and I DID USE my car!

Luckily the drug fueled morons, that just kicked three of my car doors in after trying to rob a fried chicken store's till, were saved by some quick thinking, drug induced speed and several lamp posts and no .. I did not let the pavement, walkway if your American, stop me.

Call the Police, did you say?

Yeeeahh .. we did .. that. They turned up an hour later and were late because they were dropping an old lady home, around midnight, and then shouted at us becase they did not want to walk around the corner to see the direction the perpetrators went in because .. “We do not want to be attacked!”

Only tie I EVER heard anything like that from a Policeman .. well I still haven't to be honest! Lol, confused? Yeah it was a Policewoman that said those words, lol. All things not being equal and all that!

My reaction? Anger and “Are you fucking joking?! You have already aware that you are FASHIONABLY late and those guys are probably lying in their beds half a sleep and half way across London!! Now fuck off you useless pair of twats!”

No word of a lie. Yes I am serious. No it was not the only time in my life were the Police showed me just how fucking lazy and fucking stupid they are.

Lied to two lesbian friends of mine sating that they could not get a fingerprint after a break in and a burglary despite the fact there were over two thousand fingerprints obvious to everyone. That was just in one of two flats that they robbed.

I had a disagreement with one of the two, the one that knew me far less than the other, and after being told this by the forensics she went mad. She said, and I quote ..

See that gentleman sitting their?” gestures at me with a nod “Well yesterday I had a go at him because he told me every single word you would say and every single thing that you would do when you turned up and even stated what I would be able to see and that at the end of it you would state to the word 'Sorry, I could not lift a print'”

This forensics guy turned and said “You have been watching too much CSI!” to which the one of the two that knew me better burst out laughing when her friend continued “Yeah .. he said you would say that too!!”

The forensics guy's mouth only then dropped open as he turned to look at me and I was just grinning. I did not say at the time but I think he knew that I knew what the game was.

There were plenty of prints .. to any fucking idiot you could see that. But the Police treat working class people like they are idiots and they lie. They do not want you to think that they will do fuck all as your understandably upset and angry.

But it is a damn site cheaper to send someone round with a bad of fucking pixie dust and a eyeliner brush and attempt to paint your home than it is to then actually process the fingerprints.

Scanning millions of prints over a big database takes a lot of computing power and time and therefore a lot of money. What makes it worse if that the thieves and burglars know this.

I also deduced who the burglars were and I made another prediction .. that in fact when the word had got out and if I was right the suspects, or more accurately the ones I knew were involved, would shoot around to the property within a hour of finding. Yup .. more open mouthed gazes came my way when that prediction took place exactly how I said it would. Now they wanted to know how I had deduced this.

I took them into the hallway and as they folloowed me up the stairs I pointed out the groups of fingerprints as we went and up to the first floor were another flat had been burgled. I nudged the door open to show just as many prints inside this flat as was in their own. I then walked up the stairs towards the flat on the top floor and asked them to note how there were now no fingerprints at all.

“Yeah but the top flat is empty” one of them said.

“But how did the burglars know that?” I asked before once again her jaw hit the floor and her ex-partner I worked with just smiled at her and said “I told you about him! Like I tried to tell you last night, you should listen to him!” She has seen me looking at things closely and then I walked through the flat and asked if I could go upstairs and check out a few things. One woman that had never met me before looked at me all confused and said, yes. My friend knew I was .. looking for something. Lol.

Sometimes the clues stand out to me like a cherry on a proverbial Bakewell tart. Sometimes .. they might need a few hours or a couple of days before realisation sets in.

But in recent years the one thing I am thankful for is discovering people like Sargon of Akkad and Dave Cullen and others that think like them. With more than an ounce of fucking common sense and wisdom when the rest of the world seems devoid of it!

What also drives me to distraction and makes me very, very, very angry is when public instiututions like to masquerade as a leftist organisation but their actions are anything but. Leftists, socialists and most over on that side of crazy seem to be for the people. Google do not mind buying all the companies, making billions upon billions while paying YouTubers and Bloggers fuck all for good numbers of traffic, charging those wanting the advertising through the nose and keeping the vast majority of the money?

I think all these organisations are actually run by far right people that like to pretend to everyone in their own company they are far left. Because they would not hold that position for long or think they would not stay a big organisation for long if people knew the truth?

Yeah .. mmost people at the top of power or politics haven't a fucking clue what the majority think and feel.

You would think that Brexit and Donald Trump taught them that if nothing else other than you do not always get your own way?

Maybe not?

Or maybe they think that by being loud, telling the masses of white males that they want them wiped off the face of the Earth and inciting violence is they way to get things the way that they want?

If you thought you were wrong over Brexit and or Donald Trump? Well your not even close to how wrong you are in this instance.

Do you know why I can post the things that I do?

If you have been popping back here and having your doubts then prepare to be surprised ..

.. because I am sure that in the largest majority of cases I will be proved spot on correct down the line and I certainly will about this one.


So if your a bunch of haters reading this .. ask yourself a question …

Are you absolutely sure you are right?

Ask yourself another one ..

Are you absolutely sure your actions will achieve the change you so desire?

You had better answer 'yes' to both for if you did not I can tell you this .. whatever anger and hurt that you keep locked away inside you that has crept out of late? Yeah .. your going to go to a whole new level of heartbreak and depression and if this is even an outside possibility in your own mind .. as yourself one last question ..

Who will you blame then?

A little reverse psychology by simply moving forward to said events and questioning the outcomes and reasoning.

I like to think that if all extreme leftists read that it would make them pause and re-evaluate things .. before any other people have to die.

But .. lol, I do not think I get anywhere near enough people for that to go around to all the corners it needs to reach?

Mores the pity.

Sargon of Akkad's take ..

Vee, I like this guy, and his take ..

Friday, 11 August 2017


No I am not farting .. I have been in and out of GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, where you just want to gt everything! Yeah I have not done that and resisted.

Is that actually a thing? GAS? Or is it just something someone came up with that become a buzzword in its own right?

Oooh .. I did not realise I had not posted on my other blogs, namely this one!

Yeah .. once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I said things were going to change? Well it might have failed to escape everyone's attention that it did not do as I had planned.

In fact everything went all Bjork on my arse .. Oh so quiet!

Then something else happened. Something kinda bad but also kinda unavoidable and I started to state once again that things were going to change.

Would not forgive anyone for thinking .. "Oh here we go again?!"

Yeah well .. no not this time and it just so turns out that a couple of other things are panning out to .. like an old change that was supposed to take place? Yeah that has returned from the grave too.

More will be known about the truth of that in exactly one week from now .. well on here any my other blogs at any rate.

For now I have acquired one .. umm well technically two items that will help me with this blog. Let us say that the outlay required to do this would go along way to show both my commitment and my .. umm .. enthusiasm?

We will see ..

What I have acquired thus far is a car for the first time in years and trust me the outlay as well as the insurance was considerable for me. But it both had to be done and was in the planning for a long, long time.

Then I bought a camera .. that is extremely good in low light as are BOTH the lenses. Both the lenses are top of the line zooms, before you groan .. check them out, and are claimed to be ass good as prime lenses and one of those is 24-70mm f2.8 and of considerable cost.

Though that was not as expensive as the 70-200mm f2.8 zoom with internal focusing.

Even the 1.4x teleconverter most people frown upon sells for like £450!

There are still things to be done and acquired and a battle is about to ensue as I was setting up a business for all this and all m blogs and .. they have reneged on their agreement and are now stabbing me in the back over all this.

I did figure that they might?

It may matter later down the end but then again it may not and it is too difficult to tell right now but a little over a week from now I should know what sort of position I am in.

So then I mentioned a car? A car that might be able to go anywhere, well almost, and that you could set up a tripod and a camera in the back of and shoot photos without getting you or the gear wet? Except .. well the camera and at least one of the lenses is both dust and weatherproof ..

The Car ..

The Camera ..

The Lens and Teleconverter ..

Another Lens more appropriate for this blog .. at least I think or I am buying another one, lol ..
Do have m eye on a couple of f1.4 wide angle lenses, one a 24mm I think it was?

Some other gear ..

I will build a PC to be able to edit 42 Mega Pixel RAW photos and 4K video .. this one .. does not .. at least it starts but within this century? Yeah .. no...

A Celestron was on the list .. except the list is now being interfered with after being agreed upon? Lol 

h and the 'Gassing Over Gear'?
Presume you have heard of GAS? Gear Acquisittion Syndrome where you just want to buy everything?! Yeah well I held back somewhat, lol .. took several days before I got a hold off that second wide angle zoom f2.8 lens...

Friday, 28 July 2017


I have had a serious issue going on for seven months now.

It should have not gone on this long but it did.

There was delay after delay and I am not even sure why, with most if not all of them.

As I stated on my corruption blog .. it will mean some big changes when it occurs and will mean that I can buy a shed load of things that are for professionals, like camera equipment.

But before I could buy anything else I needed something that would help me acquire these other tools, of which there is a long list.

Of course one of the other issues I have had is that I use my mountain bike for a lot of work and .. well the weather has been dreadful for me and my health condition. My condition does not like it when it is hot and humid and it was exactly that of late.

Well .. that is until it turned to rain and last night I could heard this horrendous and loud noise and I thought 'That sounds like really, really heavy rain but that kind of rain I have not witnessed before!'

I got up and looked out my window and I think many local Indian people could be forgiven for thinking they had been teleported back to India in he middle of a monsoon!

Anyway yeah so I needed the bike and as has been the case for years now .. if it is really hot, raining or even just a wind stronger than 10mph then getting anything done wildlife wise, or anything else for that matter .. is impossible!

But ..

.. not anymore!  (see video below)

As I stated previously .. many tools to come! Lol! Hmm Celestron and a professional DSLT?

I am talking astrophotography but .. well I am probably going to suck but I am a perfectionist so I will never give in until I am doing things perfectly! Lol.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


I am have been watching a few World Science Festival talk shows regarding the search for Earth like exoplanets, finding out about the chemical composition of their atmospheres, how to detect if life is there as well as imaging said planets.

Of course this involves the aforementioned James Web Space Telescope, JWST, along with a follow up telescope that involves the start shade I mentioned in a previous post.

I pictured doing something very similar in my head, about targeting a start with a powerful telescope and blocking out the light so that any planets reflecting the stars light would show up optically.

I am confused how they did not think if this earlier but was likely down to having the technology. I imagine that one or more scientists had the same idea I did but had to wait until the technology was both possible in theory, then available and finally cheap enough?

An very interesting and in depth talk ...

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Every now and then when I want to speak a little about exoplanets there is always something I want to point out but which I always forgot, or at least I think I have, to mention.

I have been well aware of the fact that they have used the dimming effect of stars as their planets are an in transit in relation to our view of the stars and their planets.

I was watching this video on YouTube about Earth like exoplanets and I wondered whether or not something that keeps occurring to me gets mentioned, either by the scientists or some bright spark in the audience.

I am over 48 minutes into watching this talk and it has not occurred yet.

Checking for the dimming effect is great but it cannot rule out the existence of planets because any start you might be looking at may have its planetary orbits perpendicular, or at 90 degrees, to our view of that star and you cannot change that.

The longer it has taken for me to remember to remark about this fact the longer I have gone and the more minutes watched of some episode or other on exoplanet astronomy that it never gets mentioned.

What is exciting though is the things I am hearing about that I was not aware of. I had always found it ridiculous, even as a child, that we could not image the planets. It was always stated that we would not be able to do that and I thought this statement preposterous.

I have often spoken in discussions that with a strong enough telescope you simply need something top block out the light of the actual star itself. A tiny shade.

I then hear that they were creating something like this recently, albeit not tiny at a shade measuring ... hmm was it 30 or 100 metres across? I think it was 100?

Then is saw another short video on YouTube about them coming up with a smaller way of blocking out the stars light.

I had long known about the James Webb Telescope and it turns out there are other things in the pipeline too?!

That is very cool.

I just hope that my sporadic and unpredictable health issues do not prevent me from being around to witness this?

After all I might come back as a religious nut in my next like that has no appreciation for science and astronomy?

Perish the thought.

Thursday, 19 May 2016



I watched a very interesting programme, think it was a National Geographic one, yesterday.

It was about what would happen if a nearby star became a Neutron star and headed into our solar system, though technically it does not even have to be within it to wreak havoc.

A Neutron star is the result of a star going supernova within certain mass parameters. Does not become a brown dwarf after is red giant phase and nor does it become a black hole.

In effect it is one of the ways in which a star is dying, so is a dying star. But its mass has collapsed to such a density, hard to imagine, that it sends out two beams of material extremely high in dangerous particles that are radioactive. Think something that has the same effect as standing next to a nuclear bomb going off but the source that could be hundreds of thousands of miles away.

But the beams go in just two directions so it is possible the beams might miss us, even though a neutron star

Now the programmes itself talk to scientists while having mock ups of what would happen and makes it interesting.

There is a funny part in what happens towards the end regarding one of the ships they built you just have to watch.

I will also add that though they gather scientists and theoretically talk about the possible ways to power a spacecraft, anti-matter or nuclear, I will stress that this is for like ... now!

They also state that they suggest that there would be a 70 to 80 year margin between detection of the oncoming catastrophe and the event taking place. So what you should, or would, happen in those 75 years.

In other words, silly scientists, that they make a big case for how dangerous anti-matter would be but this is if it was to bee discovered imminently.

If, say for argument sake something like this was discovered in 15 to 25 years time ... well ... a lot could have happened technology wise between now and then and there could be come surprise major advancements in handling a material as volatile as anti-matter. Which, to be frank, is about as volatile as they come.

Of course it does not take into account what the military establishments of the world might be hiding by way of technology which could come out of the woodwork and be used?

I would state that I would be quite calm about it all and sensible and I know I would not get onto either ship! And that's OK. Lol.

Still an interesting programme and the first one I ever put in my favourites...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Well this is getting both extremely interesting and exciting.

It would appear that the Kepler telescope is now speeding up in its discovery of Earth sized worlds inhabiting other solar systems?

NASA just announced the largest number of discovered worlds, known as Exo planets (extra solar planets), in one announcement than they have since the searches started.

The level of increase is quite something and one cannot help but wonder what the next few announcements will be like?

Then in 2020 we have the James Webb Telescope going into orbit, fingers crossed and provided there are no further delays?

My mind simply liquefies when I try to predict what, or precisely how many, discoveries would have been announced by the time the JWT is in orbit?!

One hundred more Earth sized planets announced in one go. Now just waiting for the spectral interferometer announcements that simply have to come with ever greater detail?

It's always been a theory of mine that life would be found among the stars we could see with our naked eye. But that life that had developed as far as we had our slightly further might be a little further afield than what our eyes can detect without help.

That's always been how I thought it would turn out, even as a child. I never had any doubts life was out there and even had a few ideas of life would have evolved.

I even started writing a sci-fi novel that I managed to plan out over four books. It's rather infamous among friends and family that I reached for chapters in then my life was turned upside down and kept being turned at regular intervals that I never got back to working on.

I still have those five chapters I did write.

I just never got around to adding to them in any way, shape or form. I did, however, make some rough sketches of the spacecraft in the stories.

Maybe one day I will be in a position to go back to them and get them finished?

One day.

Hmm, maybe by 2020? Lol, yup that would be kind of fitting ... provided the James Webb Telescope goes to that year and it works?

Once again I have to cross my f.... oh wait? Better crossed my toes?!

Kepler telescope discovers 100 Earth-sized planets -